Victims Of Crime Assistance League [ACT] Inc.

Community Support for Victims in ACT & Region - ABN: 41473082653

Court Support Services

VOCAL provides court support to those accessing:  

  • Magistrates Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Family Court
  • Children's Court
  • High Court
       Who will support you?
A person from our team of specially trained volunteers will:
  • Help you apply for protection orders or make other applications
  • Assist you to seek and obtain information, write letters or make phone calls
  • Explain the court legal processes to you or provide you with relevant written    information
  • Provide you with support and company when you need to appear as a witness in court
  • Accompany you when you need to go to a hearing for your application for Criminal Injuries Compensation (Financial Assistance)
  • Provide you with a safe room for a break before, during and after the trial.

*******************************************************************************************************************      How do I get this help?

  1. A court support worker will be allocated to you when you call the service coordinator.
  2. Someone else can also refer you.
  3. Be sure to say the exact time, date and place you want this help.                                           
  4. A volunteer worker can meet you in advance of this date if you wish, so that you can be more at ease with them on the day. This is especially recommended if you are a child or have a disability.
  5. The worker will meet you at a location you have both agreed to about 20 minutes before the time you need to appear in court. This will give you time to tell them what is on your mind and how you want them to help you.  
  6. A court guard will be allerted to watch over you if there is any potential for you to be harmed at court.

The service is free and confidential.
We have volunteers from culturally diverse backgrounds; let us know if you will find it helpful to have someone who speaks your own language.

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